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Top definition. Not a bad place if you know which sections and people to avoid.

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Biddeford ME Sluts

A small coastal town in southern Maine, Biddeford is often referred to as a ghetto which is not entirely correct it is merely an opinion created by some people in Saco who believe in a strong rivalry between the two cities who for the rest of this definition will be referred to as "Individuals Defining Individuals Of Towns" Or I. Biddeford is not entirely a ghetto full of gangs as shown in this easy to follow explanation going up Biddeford's hills.

Poor People 2. Apartments 3.

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Here there be gangs fake white gangs that don't actually do anything but talk a lot of smack 4. Middle class families in small homes and apartments 5.

Houses with upper middle class and upper class families. Pike Street was used as an example to make this. Now I. What they won't tell you is that Saco once housed a branch of the K. We held them off Which is probably how I. And that is my definition of Biddeford.

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Me: Hey want to head over to Alex Pizza and get something to eat? Wow guess who just lost out on a great friendship, a fun trip, AND orgasmic pizza What ever man I hope I never see you again Not a bad place if you know that you should really be on the other side of the bridge.

Hey you want to drive through Biddeford to get to Kennebunk?

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Answer: No, I'd rather die. A place located in Southern Maine. It's home to a bunch of gangster wannabe douche bags, and sluts who can't keep their legs closed.

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Hence the large amount of pregnant girls under the age of Most people who claim they're gonna "beat somebody's ass" from here, never do anything. Bunch of people from Biddeford are all talk.

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Fake ass people only a few true folks. You wear your pants below your waist, You must be another one of those biddeford clowns. Because I'm from Biddeford Maine!


A city that has grown from drug dealers to expensive houses on the beach. Most people who live here have AC in their school and stay away from the sketchy downtown part of Biddeford.

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There are many nice restaurants there and they specialize in potato wedges. Most dangerous drug infested town in Maine and all of New England. A lot of out of state drug dealers and gang members moved to Biddeford over the past 5 years. Not safe in certain areas unless you have a gun for protection and reliable people with you, but even then you could still be in some trouble!

Local Sluts near Biddeford Maine, USA

Definitely not safe to walk in the scummy areas at night. A lot of Low income areas and project housing.

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Ghetto Spread 3. Girls who eat carrots 4.

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